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Filthy Martini Kit 


The Filthy Martini Kit is a take home kit sold in stores for those who want to experiment with making their own dirty martini from the comfort of their own home. In this package, consumers will find a large jar of olives and a small bottle of vodka, along with six decorative olive picks to garnish their drink. Filthy prides themselves on loving a lot of olive juice in their martinis, hence the name. However, this take home kit does not discriminate and includes recipes with different vodka to olive juice ratios. Users are able to experiment to find their perfect martini. 


The brand identity was inspired by the elegant shape of a martini glass, the colors of the items inside the kit, and the feeling of a classy night out in the city. I used the typeface Abril Fatface and manipulated the serifs to be more sharp and continues to deconstruct it to get some shapes to use throughout the rest of the system. 

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