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Peak Pack Granola

When I first started to learn about package design, I built a simple box to learn about design for 3D structures. Suddenly, there were so many new things to think about. How would all sides of the box work together? I conceptualized a brand for a fictional granola company. Inside each box are four pillow pouches filled with granola, convenient for those on the move to their next adventure. This brand, "Peak Pack" was inspired by hikers and outdoorsy people that are sometimes referred to as "granola". Each flavor is associated with a hiking trail in the U.S.

Peak Pack Granola
pillowmockupfinal copy.jpg

The mountain range graphic goes all the way around the box along with a calming line that weaves in and out of the mountains representing breathing as well as a journey with highs and lows. I illustrated the logo by hand as I wanted it to look natural while also have control of peaks in the word. I paired this with the typeface Baskerville to give the system contrast. 


Above is the flat package designs of the interior and exterior of the box. The interior shows a map of one of the rocky mountain trails and key places to stop and take a break. Also shown is the flat designs of the individual pillow packs that would contain the granola. Each pack includes a breathing exercise, daily reminders, meditation plans, and more. This way, consumers are able to learn ways to control their mental health. Lastly, there is a mockup of the packages on a shelf and how they can all connect if stacked a certain way.  


Below are sketches of my creative process.

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