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Minerva Book Publishing Logo Design


Minerva Book Publishing is a fictional female-owned book publishing company. I designed three variations of logos including a pictorial, monogram, and wordmark. Being that Minerva is the name of the Roman Goddess of Knowledge, and her symbol is an owl, I wanted each logo to reflect these characteristics.

Minerva Books Logo

In the pictorial logo, I made an abstract open book with a flower blooming out of it. This flower can also be seen as a crown. 

In the letterform logo, I used a similar wave shape from the pictorial logo and created an abstract owl, and also off set the legs of the M so it look like books standing on shelves.

Lastly, in the wordmark logo, I took the wave shape and incorporated it in the N rather than the M to give it more balance and to emphasize how once pronounces "Minerva". 


Above are the logos with color. I chose to use olive green and muted pink to reflect feminism and this feeling of comfort books bring to us. I also applied the logos to book spines. 

Screen Shot 2021-04-17 at 6.13.23 PM.png
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