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Circulation Plan Drawings  

During my six month co-op at Exit Design in Philadelphia, I helped design circulation maps of a URMC hospital site that is being built. These drawings helped make decisions on where to place wayfinding signage to direct patients to the correct entrances and interior areas based on their health needs.

20_0915_URMC ext_map_zoom out_v3.jpg

In this zoomed-out drawing of the site, I labeled opportunities for new brand moments and existing brand moments along with a circulation of how patients get to the site. 

20_0915_URMC ext_map.jpg

This drawing gives a closer look at the exterior plan of the site. Here, I labeled the circulation along with decision points, brand opportunities, and various entrances. 

20_0915_URMC mapping_ad.jpg

Here is a drawing of the interior of the site. This shows the patient circulation coming from two of the entrances along with design theme opportunities the client wanted to incorporate. 


This is a drawing of the upstairs clinic and patient journey. This will help make decisions on how to organize the clinic stations. 

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