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SWATCH Magazine 


"SWATCH" is a fictional magazine that targets all those in or interested in the design industry. This subscription only magazine focuses on the exploration of materials used within the industry. This issue in particular highlights recycled, reused, and repurposed materials.

fullPub copy.jpg
SWATCH Magazine

The typography and photography were most important throughout the creative decisions in this publication. My goal was for the photos to provide a lot of texture and color. 

In the table of contents, rather than writing it out out,  I took advantage of the T and the C in the word "SWATCH" to hint at what this spread was. It is a publication for designers, after all. 


This video gives more of an understanding of the pacing and flow of the publication. 

Below are some sketches of my process. I wanted to plan out the layout of the publication and take advantage of the high quality photos of the materials I was highlighting. I also wanted to emphasize "recycle, repurposing, and reusing" in this issue. 

IMG_6891 copy.jpg
IMG_6892 copy.jpg
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