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Project BIBO (beeh-bo) stands for Breathe In Breathe Out.


I designed a brand identity system for a mental health awareness campaign that focuses on anxiety. This fictional campaign was created for Mental Health America, the largest non profit organization in the country that supports mental illnesses.


I created signage for physical and digital spaces that would be displayed all throughout the month of May for mental health awareness month. This campaign will surround you in quotes, messages, tips, and resources to help you cope with your anxiety. Whether that be in the subway station, on a billboard, or on your phone, this campaign will encourage you to slow down and breathe. 

2020 was hard. 2021 is still hard. We need these reminders and short term solutions for our anxiety. However, for those who are struggling and need more of a long term solution, these designs will lead you to the website which offers multiple resources for further help. Project BIBO is here to encourage you to help yourself and always remember to breathe.


Mockup of a page on MHA website for Project BIBO campaign

For more content, checkout @projectbibo on instagram!

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